This Is The Supercar Alfa Romeo Must Build

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Come on Alfa, build a new 33 Stradale already.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is arguably the first car in decades that is by far and away a better performance sedan than the BMW M3, but that didn't stop the Italians from making it even better with a GTA version. Then things got turned up to 11 with the GTAm, a hardcore racer unlike any other. But what if Alfa had made the car mid-engined, perhaps as a new version of the stunning 33 Stradale? Carlifestyle decided to give this line of thought some effort and has rendered an Alfa supercar for the modern age and we can't stress enough how badly we want this thing to be real.


The design is clearly based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo, with that car's roof, doors, and arches combining with the GTAm's massive carbon rear wing and sharply styled front end. The result is incredible and isn't all that hard to imagine as a real car. The Giulia's engine is in fact a Ferrari-derived power plant. In this case, we would like to imagine that the existing 2.9-liter engine is retained, boosted a little - perhaps to around 550 horsepower - and placed in a full carbon fiber body. Along with a low curb weight and remarkable throttle response, the Alfa would be slower than a Ferrari F8 but could be even better to drive.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

Alfa used to be one of the coolest brands in the world. It used to be a company that valued its racing heritage. It used to be run solely on passion, with reliability and ease of use coming second to style and flair. These days, the reliability issues seem to have faded and the love for great design and cars that stir the emotions seem to be coming back. So, Alfa Romeo, do the right thing. Show us just how Italian and special you are. Show us what a company with a Formula One team can do for its fans. Build a bloody supercar.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo

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