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This Is The SUV Bugatti Could Build

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Like it or not, Molsheim will probably do a crossover sooner or later.

Lamborghini has an SUV. So does Maserati. Bentley and Rolls-Royce, too. And both Ferrari and Aston Martin are working on crossovers of their own. So what's next?

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Bugatti could follow suit with what would surely be the fastest, most powerful, most exotic, and most expensive high-riding vehicle yet. We're not sure how we feel about the prospect of a sport-ute rolling out of Molsheim, but if the rumors do (for better or worse) come to fruition, we hope it'd look a little something like this.

This project is the work of Bosnian designer Sajdin Osmancevic, currently working at Skoda – which just so happens to be a sister company to Bugatti under the Volkswagen Group's vast umbrella. Whether that makes him a worthy designer of Bugattis, we couldn't say. But for what it's worth, Slovakian designer Jozek Kaban helped pen the Veyron before moving to the Skoda division (and since on to BMW, where Osmancevic worked before).

At any rate, Osmancevic's work on this super-sport-ute is rather striking, with a powerful shape, sharp lines, and signature Bugatti design elements – like the oversized horseshoe grille and stylized C enveloping the rear of the greenhouse.

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It wouldn't be the first time Bugatti would expand beyond producing two-door coupes to larger vehicles, after all. The company's namesake founder Ettore Bugatti often dabbled in other types of vehicles, from the enormous Type 41 Royale limousine to railcars and even airplanes.

Since its (relatively) modern revival, Bugatti has also toyed with four-door saloon designs like the 16C Galibier and the Giugiaro-penned EB 218 before it. Given the direction in which the industry at large is heading, if the French manufacturer did open up its range beyond the Chiron, a crossover would be at least as likely as any other type.