This is the Swedish-Kirghizian Sesto Elemento 740

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Nip here, tuck there, and an old Volvo becomes an Italian supercar.

Bishkek, Kirghizia may have a lot going for it, but it's certainly lacking when it comes to Lamborghini dealerships. Desperate to have their own Sesto Elemento supercar, these local residents don't let technicalities get in the way. Taking apart an old Volvo 740, these guys build their own replica of the Italian monster. While the original Lambo costs more than $2 million, this Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 740 cost a total of $15,000 to build.

What's even more amazing is that the guys didn't have a real Sesto Elemento at hand to work off (obviously). Using acrylic gas, metal, carbon steel and wheels borrowed from a BMW X5, they managed to do a pretty impressive job with online pics and specs. While we wouldn't recommend trying to drag race a Bugatti using this thing, we have to hand it to the Kirghizians - it looks quite good for a complete fake, and definitely better than any 740 ever did.

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