This Is The Tesla Model 3 That Could Smoke The BMW M3

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Instant torque rules.

Aside from the production woes Tesla is currently experiencing with its new Model 3, development work continues for the long rumored performance version. This can be backed up with this latest piece of evidence: a spy video taken at Tesla's Fremont factory showing a Model 3 equipped with red brake calipers, indicating extra stopping strength is necessary. We know that alone isn't the best indicator of this car's capabilities, but watching it launch from a standstill is clarification enough that it's fast.

Faster than, say, a BMW M3? Probably, given all of that available instant torque. The video comes courtesy of the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club and it's supposedly the first video of the performance Model 3, though we'll likely see more in the months ahead.

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At the moment we don't know many specifics about the car, only that it'll very likely feature all-wheel drive and a dual motor powertrain, just like the Model S and Model X performance versions. The Model 3 being built this very moment comes with a long-range battery pack and rear-wheel-drive configuration only. In any case, before this performance Model 3 arrives, Tesla needs to resolve those production issues. There's still over 400,000 people who placed pre-orders anxiously waiting for delivery.

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