This is The Ultimate Car Guy/Gal Restaurant

And it's on Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

For decades, the Vinsetta Garage in Detroit was the go-to destination for people whose classic cars and hot rods required a garage where their rare and one-of-a-kind cars would be properly fixed and maintained. In turn, Vinsetta Garage only accepted clients who owned cool classic cars. New cars off the lot need not apply. Unfortunately, the garage shut down about two years ago. But the following year it reopened, only this time it was a restaurant. We’re not talking Applebee’s here.

Vinsetta Garage is now an eatery that just screams former garage everywhere you look. From the wallpaper featuring the original shop’s work orders to countless other memorabilia, the new owners wanted to pay homage to the people who worked at the garage for all of those years.

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