This Is The Wackiest Lamborghini Huracan Rumor We've Ever Heard


And it could turn out to be true.

Lamborghini is thriving these days. It has been for several years, thanks to its membership of the VW Group. With plenty of development funds available, Lamborghini can now safely pursue not just a lineup expansion, evidenced by the upcoming 2018 Urus SUV, but also new variants of existing models. This is where things get weird. According to Automobile Magazine, Lamborghini wants to expand the Huracan lineup, including a Speedster, Barchetta, a hardcore SV and an even more extreme GT3 Stradale.

There’s even a Huracan Targa, slotted directly in between the roadster and Superleggera, on its way. And then there’s this: the Huracan Safari, featuring a height-adjustable suspension, larger wheel arches, all-terrain body protection panels, all-wheel-drive and all-wheel steering. Yes, an off-road Huracan. Pretty nuts, right? Totally, and it’s more than just a pipedream at Sant’Agata. Supposedly, R&D development is already underway, but there’s no clear production timetable just yet. As far as its capabilities go, Automobile Mag’s sources claim it won’t be able to handle hardcore off-roading, such as the Rubicon, but Lamborghini intends for it to be capable of tackling Italy’s rough countryside roads.

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If you’ve ever been there you’ll understand the challenge. Those roads are known for busting oil pans on a regular basis. The Huracan Safari, will have more than sufficient ground clearance to eliminate that problem. Lamborghini is also eyeing both a coupe and roadster version. We've always loved Lamborghini’s ability to go bonkers, and this time is no exception.