This Is The Way To Unbox The McLaren 650S Spider

A fresh perspective of one of the greatest supercars of our generation.

You can watch countless videos of the McLaren 650S. Drag racing against its bigger brother the P1 GTR will demonstrate its straight-line competency and lightning 0-60 mph time, while videos of the British supercar crashing in London prove just how well it looks after occupants in an accident. However, for an in-depth perspective of the 641-hp 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 beauty, our latest unboxing video provides all the details.

Watch it, and you’ll know where everything on the car is, listen to its gorgeous exhaust note, and admire the electric roof come up and down.

Expert commentary is included free of charge, so sit back and enjoy one of the greatest supercars of our generation being unboxed. And if you have the $300,000 and change ready to go out and buy one, you won't have to worry about waiting months to get one like you would a Ferrari.

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