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This Is The Weirdest Looking Rolls-Royce You've Ever Seen

Here's what happens when Rolls-Royce asks Italy for help making A Phantom.

The 2008 model year was an interesting one for the Phantom. In terms of fundamental design language, the British Automaker Rolls-Royce has pretty much boiled down the Phantom to a winning formula. It’s interesting to consider, then, why Rolls-Royce chose to employ the help of Italian design firm Pininfarina to help them construct a new car. The mantra of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” might apply here, especially when we consider the fact that car keeps popping up for sale.

This time around, the one-off “Pininfarina Hyperion Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe” is being offered up for sale at Al-Ain Class Motors in Dubai. The last time this dealership had this unique luxury car in its collection, it was being offered up for sale at 2.93 million euros. The new price, three years afterward, might say something about the desirability of this automotive creation. The current price has been drastically reduced to 1.45 million euros, which amounts to more than $1.6 million USD. The designer behind this car, Jason Castriota, was also the same individual responsible for the stunning Ferrari P4/5.

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