This Is The Weirdest Tesla Model 3 Mod We've Seen Yet

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This mad Tesla owner has fitted snow tracks to their Model 3.

Over the last few months, we've seen people create their own homemade versions of the Tesla Cybertruck with varying degrees of quality. Now, one owner decided to give their Tesla Model 3 a unique modification to increase its capability when driving on the snow. While most people would fit tire chains in this scenario, this mad Tesla owner decided to install snow tracks onto their Model 3, essentially turning it into an electric snowmobile.

With the help of Mullin Manufacturing, Michael from YouTube channel lowlifeduramax fitted snow tracks onto the rear axle of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. As modifications go, this is very ambitious.

lowlifeduramax / YouTube lowlifeduramax / YouTube

"You've seen a Tesla do a burnout, but have you seen a Tesla with snow tracks?" Michael jokes. "I always wanted an electric snowmobile."

Once the rear wheels are removed and the snow tracks are mounted to the rear-wheel-drive Tesla, Michael takes his bizarre creation for a test run on a snowmobile trail in British Columbia. While the YouTuber expected the snow tracks to break off, the first test run goes smoothly for the most part. As the test continues, the modified Tesla manages to drive up steep hills "like nit's nothing," which previously would have been impossible without snow tracks fitted. It's an impressive feat, considering the Tesla weighs around 4,000 pounds.

lowlifeduramax / YouTube lowlifeduramax / YouTube

The entire run didn't go without issue, however. One of the tracks kept skipping teeth, but Michael explains how this can be resolved by increasing the tension of the track. Michael isn't done with his Tesla snowmobile yet either, as he plans take for a splash in the mud, do a burnout with the tracks installed, and even do a jump if the video gets a certain number of likes.

It goes without saying that we wouldn't advise fitting snow tracks to the electric sedan yourself, but it's a fun experiment to watch.

lowlifeduramax / YouTube lowlifeduramax / YouTube lowlifeduramax / YouTube

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