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This is the Winningest Ferrari Ever (and it's Not an F1 Car)

Consider it sort of a Ferrari hot rod with a V12.

Back in 1957, a guy by the name of John von Neumann, an accomplished race car driver and West Coast auto importer, ordered a 250TR V12 Ferrari engine. The aim was to install it into the engine bay of a Ferrari TRC. Here’s where things get interesting: the TRC came powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder. With the help of technical wizard and fellow enthusiast, Richie Ginther the two created the first and only TRC with a factory V12. It basically was a Ferrari hot rod.

The pair then took it racing where it pretty much kicked ass throughout the West Coast. Even the car’s next owners continued to successfully race it, still winning despite being five years old. And the sound coming from that V12 is just phenomenal even to this day.

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