This Is The World's Fastest Quarter AND Half-Mile GT-R

Its quarter-mile time demolishes the last record.

AMS Performance creates legendary cars, especially when it comes to Nissan GT-Rs. Not only do these monsters tear up the track, but they also offer a degree of practicality that many track cars do not. Recently its latest creation, a refreshed and updated Alpha Omega GT-R, rocketed through a quarter-mile in just 7.48 seconds, destroying its own previously claimed "fastest" time of 7.98 seconds. At the end of the record quarter mile, the Alpha Omega was traveling at a blistering 192.97 mph.

If you think that is impressive, it also claimed the half-mile top speed record for GT-Rs, at 224.91 mph. So, be sure to check out this video to experience acceleration faster than any supercar you’ve ever seen.

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