This Is The World's First Fully-Connected SUV


The Lynk & Co 01 compact SUV will be connected like nothing before it.

Chinese automaker Geely is little known outside of China's borders but it's actually one of the bigger manufacturers in the country. Besides the cars it manufactures, it also owns Volvo and recently invested in the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car's land speed record attempt, so this is no Mickey Mouse operation. The manufacturer recently launched a new auto company called Lynk & Co. and after revealing its first car will be a crossover, just released the concept pics of it.

The brand is reportedly heading to the US along with many other markets and it has ambitiously said that it wants to roll out 500,000 cars by the year 2021. If quality, spec and pricing is right, that's probably doable. Besides the odd name for the brand and the equally strange model name of simply 01, the compact SUV adds a new dimension to the world of cars by saying the 01 will be 100 percent connected. By "thinking beyond the car" Lynk & Co will be offering previously unheard of services to go along with the 01. Being so connected means the carmaker will let you know when your car needs a service and will book it in, fetch it and give you a replacement car until the work is done, delivering your car afterwards.

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The cars will be on a unique, secure digital system that gives owners a digital key to allow them to rent the car out when not in use or to borrow another one if you need transport while you're on holiday and another 01 is nearby. Connected apps will let your dry cleaning or shopping be delivered to the car no matter where it's parked. It will have a concierge service to help you book restaurants or get trip info. A host of Volvo technology will be in the 01, from the platform to the engine and telemetry comes from another Swedish company, Ericsson. The Lynk & Co 01 promises a lot, and if the manufacturer can deliver on the promises there's no reason the sales won't come.