This Is The World's First V10-Powered Toyota 86

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Adding a V10 from a BMW M5 turns the Toyota 86 into a formidable time attack car.

We've seen some unusual and technically impressive Toyota 86 engine swaps in the past. Remember when someone stuffed a Ferrari 458 V8 engine into the Japanese sports car and crowned it the Toyota GT4586? This latest creation is the work of Australia-based Zoom Garage, which has created the world's first V10-powered Toyota 86 by replacing the car'ss standard 2.5 liter boxer four-cylinder engine with a S85 5.0-liter V10 from an E60-generation M5.

Rather than use the E60 M5's SMG transmission, the 86 was fitted with a six-speed manual from an E92 M3. While the V10 slotted into the engine bay with relative ease, it was a different story for the gearbox which required some modifications to the transmission tunnel. In its current tune, the S85 V10 produces 520-hp thanks to fuel pump and injector upgrades, as well as E85 fuel.

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Impressively, the V10 is only around 20 kg heavier than the car's standard flat-four unit. Zoom Garage managed to significantly lower the weight by modifying the engine and installing a lightweight air intake. The S85 has also been modified with a dry sump setup alongside fuel pump and injector upgrades to allow it to run on E85 fuel. The transformed Toyota 86 recently competed in Sydney's World Time Attack Challenge where it performed extremely well at Sydney Motorsport Park. Hearing its transplanted V10 scream in the small chassis sounds deafening too. On the outset, it seems like an unusual engine swap.

Don't forget, however, that Toyota and BMW are currently collaborating to make the rear-wheel drive chassis underpinning the upcoming BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra successor. The latter could even be powered by a BMW engine, which makes this project rather fitting.

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