This is the World's Toughest Rockbouncer's Greatest Hits

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As well as his greatest breaks, flips and wrecks.

Bobby Tanner will probably not get mobbed at the supermarket for autographs but for those that follow the world of rock bouncing, Tanner and his buggy, Screamin Blue, is living legend. Tanner is absolutely fearless and that is likely why he is featured on so many Youtube videos, that and beastly Screamin Blue, which features a Chevy 383 Stroker, th400, Atlas Transfer case and 14 bolts front and rear, 43 inch Super Swamper SX tires and Raceline wheels.

He is well known for pushing Screamin Blue to its absolute limit and never backing down from a challenge. He is also considered one of the nicest guys in the game. So here he is a near 10 minute compilation of Tanner's greatest hits, misses, flips, jumps and climbs.

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