This Is The World's Worst Way To Exit A Car Wash


In five seconds this car goes from upright to upside down and potentially flooded.

We really, really hope no one was injured in this accident. Yes, the video is hilarious but the end result is a Toyota Sienna that winds up on its roof after driving off a raised driveway, a scary situation for anyone to be in. OK, with that being said we can’t deny the fact that this video is absolutely hilarious. How the driver didn’t notice the red paint and the fact that the car wash's exit curved is beyond us. There’s a chance the cause of this accident was something tragic, like a sudden medical emergency.

If that’s the case we’d feel pretty damn awful. So we’re going to believe instead that the person behind the wheel just had a brain fart that unfortunately brought about some extreme consequences.

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It takes the Sienna less than five seconds to go from exiting a car wash to upside down and possibly flooded by a broke fire hydrant. How did something like this happen? In the beginning of the video you can see the driver turning the wheel. Maybe this crash was caused by an extreme bout of understeer? Or maybe there was a distraction, electronic or otherwise, that caused the driver to stop looking ahead. We searched around for a follow-up story on the incident and couldn’t find one so unfortunately we have no other info to share. All we know is that the whole fire hydrant bursting is the icing on this video’s craziness cake.