This Is The World's First 3D-Printed Rolls-Royce Cullinan

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Introduced by the carbon-crazed lunatics at 1016 Industries.

With so many attention-grabbing aftermarket body kits and styling upgrades on the market, it can be quite difficult to stand out in a crowd. 1016 Industries doesn't really have that problem though. This is a tuner that comes up with world firsts for fun. Last year, it provided us with the first 100% exposed carbon fiber McLaren 720S. A short while thereafter, it presented a Porsche 911 GT3 RS transformation before revisiting the 720S with a new version of its kit. But now it's time for another first: meet the first-ever 3D printed carbon fiber Rolls-Royce 'Limited Edition Custom' Cullinan. If you don't like extreme styling upgrades, look away now.

1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries

This unique Rolls-Royce Cullinan creation is enhanced almost exclusively with 3D printed carbon fiber that has been carefully produced to simulate an OEM fit and finish.

"1016 Industries engineers vehicles with an OEM-plus attitude, which means every piece of forged carbon in our new Cullinan is seamlessly integrated into the existing bodywork," explains company CEO Peter Northrop. "Our company is dedicated to resetting the boundaries of auto engineering and our carbon fiber work highlights the latest innovations in 3D printing processes."

Northrop goes on to say that this new kit "utilizes several advanced manufacturing techniques that have never been successfully adopted in the industry before on this scale."

1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries

Dressed in paint, the body changes look very well suited to the luxury SUV. The original front bumper design is very much present, just with the addition of new running lights and fender flares. This is a kit that many may not even realize is an aftermarket addition, which makes a change from the usual stuff we see coming from the tuner. Some may even call the kit ordinary, but such thoughts of commonality go out the window when you hear the cost.

Sure, this is made from carbon fiber using industry-first processes, but it won't be too pricy, right? Wrong - the custom Cullinan costs a shocking $550,000. At least with that money, 1016 promises a turnaround time of weeks and allows you to choose from non-exposed carbon, partially exposed carbon fiber, or "ultra-rare partially forged carbon fiber." We'll stick with the standard version, thanks.

1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries 1016 Industries

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