This Is The Worst Way To Drive Up A Hill In A Supercar

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If you're going to drive your supercar fast, at least make sure that there's no traffic and that you're on the correct side of the road. The driver of this green Lamborghini Gallardo in China didn't take either of these precautions and is now paying a heavy price. The supercar driver was flying at full speed up a winding hillside road in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan. As the Gallardo driver gunned it around a sharp corner he crossed onto the wrong side of the road.

You can guess what happened next. The Lamborghini went flying into a cheap Chinese pickup truck at full speed. The driver of the pickup truck was hospitalized with injuries and is in recovery. The driver of the Gallardo was unhurt, but by the look of the pictures the car has been completely written off. After learning such a costly lesson, hopefully this Lamborghini driver will think twice before driving so recklessly again.

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