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This is Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle That's Going on Sale

Uglier than the Prius? Perhaps, but it does run on hydrogen.

Toyota has long been developing fuel cell technology, as it knows the Prius hybrid is quickly becoming outdated. Perhaps it already is. But soon the automaker will begin selling something entirely new, a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle. What you see before you is the production version which will go on sale in Japan next April. An official name still hasn’t been decided. Next summer it will arrive in Europe and the US.

It’s impressive just how fast Toyota got the production-spec up and running, having premiered at Tokyo just last year. The overall styling has a love it or hate look, but it’s the hydrogen fuel cell technology that’s more interesting. Toyota says that pricing will start at seven million yen, or about £40,450. Europe and USA prices haven’t been decided just yet, and official specs and more technological details aren’t available for now. Toyota does say that the FCV has a driving range similar to that of a gasoline-engined car, and refueling will only take three minutes. The only emission is water vapor from the tailpipe. No C02 is produced. So could this be the future, or just the Prius’s ugly new sibling? Time will tell.

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