This Is Volkswagen's Newest Reason To Move To Europe

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In case this election season wasn't enough.

This election season has seen many Americans with fists in the air over the apparent crumbling of our country, but in case that wasn't enough, we at CarBuzz have yet another reason to make you want to leave these 50 states. It's called the Polo, and although it shares names with a swanky and tame-sounding sport, Volkswagen's not-for-America hot hatch is anything but. For the crowd of Americans considering abandoning citizenship, we have some good news.

Our spy photographers have caught the new Polo both in standard and GTI guises as they circled the Nurburgring to strut their fresh chassis at spectators. Speaking of the chassis, the newest Polo will ride on VW's small car version of the MBQ platform shared with the Golf and Audi A3. The current Polo is now eight years old, and as a top player, Volkswagen likes to keep things fresh, but it also knows not to mess too much with a successful recipe. That's why the new Polo appears to keep much of the same design language of the current model. The updates are tasteful though, with the rear hatch appearing to stick out a bit more, making for a slightly less abrupt downward slope that is seen on today's model.

It's hard to tell with the heavy camo, but the character lines on the exterior seem to be subdued, giving this new generation a more evolved look. Volkswagen hasn't begun talking engine options, but we can be sure to expect small fuel sippers ranging including a 1.0-liter turbocharged unit, a 1.5-liter engine, and a diesel. Our favorite model, the GTI, currently features a 1.8-liter four-banger although we'd love to see that replaced by Audi's 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. To do that, the 7-speed dual clutch will need an upgrade to handle the power, although we could care less about that unit as long as the 6-speed manual remains an option. Don't wait up for a reveal because that isn't expected to go on sale until late 2017.

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