This Is What 0-180 MPH Sounds Like In A Bugatti Chiron

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Launch Control makes so much possible.

For a very brief moment, this Bugatti Chiron hit 180 mph, or 290 kph according to its speedometer. We all know the new Chiron can go even faster, with a rumored top speed of 280 mph, although Bugatti officially states that figure at 260 mph. But even hitting 180 mph is one hell of a thing, and it's something you can experience right here, right now in this video posted by a fellow who did a Launch Control start in a Chiron. It sounds literally like a jet taking off, meaning it's nothing short of brilliant.

Chris Harris has already discussed why the Bugatti Chiron is absolutely mental and, very interestingly, he'd take one over a Ferrari FXXK. We all saw his reaction to that track-only prancing horse, but it's the Chiron that's apparently won him over. Going by this Launch Control video, we totally get why.

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Paying nearly $3 million for a Chiron certainly sounds like an insane amount of money, and it is. But what's even more wonderfully insane is the Chiron experience. Having 1,500 hp at your disposal, combined with the latest in carbon fiber, engine and a hoard of other new technologies, we're willing to bet every Chiron owner has this to say: Worth. Every. Penny.


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