This Is What 170 Cars Doing A Burnout Looks Like

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Bandimere Speedway is taking a crack at the biggest burnout record.

When it comes to world records, there's nothing like the truly spectacular yet ultimately pointless automotive stunt to captivate us. This particular record attempt involves loud engines being strained and 340 tires being ruined to create a cloud smoke that will no doubt inspire much gnashing of teeth from the environmentally obsessed. It also looks amazing with 170 people having a lot of fun in order to enter the Guinness Book Of World Records.

The previous record for the largest simultaneous car tire burnout was secured at the beginning of this year in Australia when 126 cars lit them up just for fun. Australia has been fighting to hold the record for some time, but other countries have made it difficult. Now, the KBPI Rock and Roll Car Show in Denver, Colorado, has organized 170 cars to start their engines and attempt to bring the record to its spiritual home, the United States.

Top Shots Media via YouTube
Top Shots Media via YouTube
Top Shots Media via YouTube
Top Shots Media via YouTube

Thankfully, the clouds of smoke, including the one from a guy who came prepared with tires to chuck out a blue cloud, were caught from a couple of aerial viewpoints as well as from cameras on the ground. According to someone that was there, the biggest cloud you see is from a Dodge Demon, although there were all kinds of cars and trucks sacrificing their rubber for the attempt.

The record hasn't been confirmed on the Guinness World Records Website as of the time of writing and judging by the comments on the page for the Australian record, we're not the only ones refreshing to make sure it stuck.

Andy Hemeon via YouTube
Andy Hemeon via YouTube

The event was well organized, and it was a matter of seconds before a cloud of smoke arose that must have looked like a serious fire for anyone viewing it from a distance. According to an account from a nearby resident via Facebook, she could smell the tires shredding from her house a few miles away.

While we wait for Guinness to confirm the record though, let's take a moment of silence for the 340 tires that gave their life for this record and hope it wasn't in vain.

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