This Is What $2.3 Million-Worth of V12 Acceleration Sounds Like

That's 800 horses screaming "let's go!"

WhenAston Martin revealed the murderous Vulcan at this year's Geneva Motor Show, weknew that we had a new dream car on our hands. With a brand-new 7.0-liternaturally aspirated V12 making 800 hp and reaching top speeds of over 200 mph,this secretly-built beauty is in fact a monster that's just waiting to bereleased. And as this video proves, its bark is just as bad as it's bite. Attendingthe Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, the Vulcan performs a burnout worthy of ajet plane before taking off onto the tarmac it is about to conquer.

Checkout this insane burnout and acceleration by one of this year's hottest newhypercars:

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