This Is What $2.3 Million-Worth of V12 Acceleration Sounds Like

That's 800 horses screaming "let's go!"

When Aston Martin revealed the murderous Vulcan at this year's Geneva Motor Show, we knew that we had a new dream car on our hands. With a brand-new 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V12 making 800 hp and reaching top speeds of over 200 mph, this secretly-built beauty is in fact a monster that's just waiting to be released. And as this video proves, its bark is just as bad as it's bite. Attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, the Vulcan performs a burnout worthy of a jet plane before taking off onto the tarmac it is about to conquer.

Check out this insane burnout and acceleration by one of this year's hottest new hypercars:

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