This Is What 315 MPH Feels Like

And sounds like.

Here at CarBuzz we talk a lot about speed. We endlessly fawn over cars with insane 0 to 60 mph times and with top speeds that exceed 200 miles per hour. Shawn Langdon is a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver who knows all about speed. Of course he's used to going just a bit faster than most people. In this video he effortlessly hits 315 mph in just 3.77 seconds. Most production cars would be happy just doing 60 mph in that span of time! What’s more is that it appears Langdon did all this without crapping his pants…we think.

This video is shot from the driver’s point of view which gives you an excellent idea as to just how speed like this feels. Here’s a warning: The action starts at the 2:10 mark but if you’ll blink you’ll miss it entirely. Also, do yourself a solid and turn the sound down some.

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