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This is What a 122 MPH Mobility Scooter Looks Like

Quarter Mile

Grandpa will be at bingo a bit early.

When most people think of mobility scooters, they usually think of those daytime TV commercials, with elderly folks raving about how happy they are with their new mode of transportation. They can weave through the traffic to their homes with ease, and take the grandchildren out for ice cream. There is no doubt that these make a difference for people, but they can be a bit...well...slow. The folks at American Spinning wheels in the Netherlands have changed that.

As you'll see in the video, the company has created a 122-mph monster out of a scooter. These guys are known for making a ton of crazy machines including a jet powered lawnmower, and a giant monowheel. They obviously get what 'Merica is all about.

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