This Is What A $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Interior Looks Like

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Somebody leaked a bunch of Model 3 photos inside and out.

With the first production examples getting underway next month, the Tesla Model 3 could very well become one of the most popular EVs of all time. Tesla has still yet to still host an official reveal, but we know it's coming soon. In the meantime, a Reddit user has just uploaded a ton of photos, now available on Imgur, of the production-spec Tesla Model 3 inside and out. Yes, we can finally get a good look at what a $35,000 Tesla interior looks like.

Honestly, it's really not a whole lot different than what was previewed at the Model 3's Concept's debut back in late March of 2016; that large, iPad-inspired center touchscreen instead of a more conventional dash design. Notice that the gauge cluster remains absent, so it's fair to assume that information will be contained somewhere on the touchscreen. The rest of the interior looks quite luxurious, covered in leather upholstery. The dash trim appears to consist of a single piece of wood, and the steering looks like it has a nice chunky feel to it. Overall, everything looks quite impressive. We'll have full details in only a few weeks' time so stay tuned.

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