This Is What A 5,000-HP Hypercar Looks Like

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Remember the Devel Sixteen? Here's what it could look like.

Remember the Devel Sixteen? A 12.5-liter quad-turbo V16 monstrosity that claims 5,007 horsepower? Well, we're still waiting to see just how real any part of the final car's claims will be. The Dubai-based start-up has some big expectations, and the entire world wants to know how feasible such huge figures are in any world, assuming that they can be achieved safely. Could this car be the one to humiliate the Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Jesko and other so-called hypercars?

While we wait, a designer by the name of Mark Hostler has come up with a concept that exaggerates the already off-the-wall styling of the Devel Sixteen. If Batman fought for evil, this would be his ride.

Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design

If you've seen prototype photos of the Devel Sixteen, you'll have noticed that the proportions are massive. This new design doesn't shy away from caricaturing the famously aggressive styling of the "normal" car. An abundance of forged carbon fiber is offset by a precious few anodized bright red accents found on the center-lock wheel nuts, the fuel filler caps (there are two), and the wheel spokes.

The body is finished in satin metallic black, making the car look all the more sinister. Rather than just a conceptual redesign, this render takes things further by adding aero, a fuel tank dedicated to E85, and even takes account of the engine, with this concept featuring a boost limiter to make the Sixteen easier to drive.

Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design

While this may just be a concept that has no real-world connections to Devel Motors, immense detail has been employed in designing the interior too, with a futuristic steering wheel and an 11-inch touchscreen infotainment display. The design of the cabin is radical and bare, but it does remind us that the possibilities for the hypercar are all but endless. It also makes us wonder when the real thing really will hit the road.

Last year was when we thought we'd finally see the finished product, but alas, we still have much waiting to do. With the novel coronavirus upsetting much larger manufacturers, could the Devel Sixteen be stillborn? Perhaps, although this render gives us fresh hope that such an ambitious dream will still come to fruition.

Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design Mark Hostler Design
Source Credits: Mark Hostler Design

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