This Is What A BMW Hypercar Would Look Like


Ever wondered how a BMW i8 merged with an Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar would look?

It's an exciting era for the hypercar. While many feared that the rise of electric and hybrid powertrains would signal the end of road-going performance cars, the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 showed that hybrid hypercars shouldn't be underestimated. Meanwhile, Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG are aiming to redefine the hypercar once again with the radical Valkyrie and Project One, both offering unprecedented performance that will break the 1,000-hp barrier and earn them reputations as race cars for the road.

Audi has also hinted that it could develop a hypercar to take on the Valkyrie and Project One in the future, but no plans have been put in place yet. A successor to the Porsche 918 will also follow later down the line, but not until at least 2025. One manufacturer that has yet to join the hypercar race, however, is BMW. The German manufacturer hasn't expressed any desire to build a high performance hypercar any time soon, but render artist Jan Peisert of Peisert Design has envisioned how a hypercar donning a BMW badge could look. Using the Aston Martin Valkyrie as a base, several elements from BMW's design language have been adapted to create the peculiar-looking hypercar.

These details include BMW's signature kidney grille, BMW M wheels, and headlights and a rear design inspired by the i8, meshed with the body of the Valkyrie. The resulting Frankenstein creation is slightly disturbing, but there is some logic to the design. "I choose the Valkyrie as a base, because the aesthetics are quite similar to what BMW is doing with the i8," Peisert told Autoevolution. "If BMW would build this, I'm sure it would be based on a McLaren." What do you think of this Valkyrie-inspired BMW hypercar?

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