This is What a Chinese Gangster Drives

If only we could all look this good.

As we're sure most people know by now, there's a lot of growing wealth in China. And people there love to spend money. In an economy that's ranked only behind that of the US in terms of size, it's also become the world's fastest growing major economy, having grown by an average of 10 percent over the past 30 years. While many Chinese automakers are not exactly known for their original designs (they do a great job copying others), there's no question that wealthy citizens love buying imported premium car brands.

Take this fine specimen here. Supposedly a Chinese gangster, these images were taken from his mobile phone showing some of the cars in his collection. Obviously he has a preference towards not only his beloved collection of tattoos, but also for German brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. Thanks to a value-added tax imposed by the Chinese government, each of these cars cost roughly double of what they normally go for in the US and Europe.

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