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This Is What A Front-Engined C8 Corvette Looks Like


Honestly, it looks pretty sweet.

Corvette enthusiasts who are not pleased by the new mid-engined 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will either have to get used to the new layout or continue to live in the past. Chevrolet realized years ago that the only way for the Corvette to survive in the long run was to attract younger buyers, and those buyers’ tastes are often very different from the previous generation.

Sure, the Corvette has a decades-long history with its V8 in front of the driver, but that long-hooded silhouette never truly defined the car; its bargain price and high performance did. The C8 very much continues that tradition and, at least so far, the response has been generally fantastic. The C8 is reportedly sold out for 2020 already. Well done, Chevy.

But what if the decision was made to continue with the front-engined design? What would that alternate reality C8 look like? These renderings created by J.B. Cars via Instagram offer us a pretty good idea as to what might have been. Our first thought was that this front-engined C8 is not nearly the radical styling departure the C7 was from the C6. This is definitely more of an evolutionary design. Remember, the truly revolutionary thing about the C8 is not so much its design but rather its engine placement.

Compare the C7 and C8 side by side and you’ll see the former’s styling still looks fresh. But we also have to be honest here: a front-engined C8 with this slightly updated styling looks really darn good. Surely old school Corvette lovers will wish this is what Chevy debuted earlier this month.

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Unfortunately for them, that wish is just that, a wish. It won’t come true. Although we like what we’re seeing here, we remain convinced Chevy made the right decision to go mid-engine. Doing so enables engineers to take performance and handling to the next level. Given that the C7 was already extremely impressive, especially the supercar-killing ZR1, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for future C8 variants. Long live the mid-engine Vette.