This Is What A LaFerrari-Based "LaMaserati" Could Look Like

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The LaMaserati would walk in the footsteps of its MC12 father.

One of the sad facts of our short lifespans is that sometime, we'll eventually deteriorate to the point that we can hardly stand on our own two feet. At that point, the body needs help to perform even the most basic of functions, and as it happens, that's right around the stage that Maserati is at. However, that spell of fragility may not last forever, and thanks to the imagination of Italian rendering artist Andrea Ortile, we now have an idea of what Maserati will look like after drinking from the fountain of youth.

Not long ago, Autocar reported that Maserati Boss Harald Wester was considering building a successor to the legendary MC12, one of the spry models produced during the brand's period of prosperity. As of late, Maserati was saved by FCA and by a helping hand from Ferrari. Tarnishing the name of the brand that once stood behind the 6.0-liter V12 road king was a decision that positioned Maserati as a sporty luxury brand that made gothic luxury cars featuring Chrysler parts bin interiors. Then, that notable spike on our heart rate monitors was registered when news of the MC12 successor was announced. Originally, the MC12 was based off the bones of the Ferrari Enzo.

Naturally, that means a MC12 reincarnation would be based off of the LaFerrari. In all likelihood, the "LaMaserati" would get a detuned version of the LaFerrari's engine to keep the more prominent of the two automakers in its rightful place. The major upgrade would be the body, and thanks to Ortile, we can see how Ferrari's design would look wearing a trident emblem. Obviously, we think it's a fantastic idea. Not only would it mean that we would see another top tier hypercar hit the streets for our visual and aural pleasure, but it would satisfy the unmet demand for Ferrari's hypercar without diluting the value of the LaFerrari. Rave accordingly and hopefully Maserati will actually build the damned thing.

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