This Is What A Luxury BMW Gran Tourer Could Look Like In 2040


Unlike some radical concept car renders, we can imagine this going into production in the future.

BMW has been on a roll with its concept cars lately, churning out stunning designs like the beautiful 8 Series Concept that look futuristic but still unmistakably like a BMW. It's a tricky balance trying to envision how an automaker's design language could change in a few decades while keeping it in the realm of reality, but one that artist Glorin Tsiourea has successfully achieved in their latest render design that imagines what a BMW Gran Tourer could look like in the year 2040.

Dubbed the BMW Vision Grand Tourer, Tsiourea describes the concept as a performance and luxury vehicle that's "capable of high-speed and long-distance driving" and is built to "improve and inspire our lives on the road." One of the BMW Vision Grand Tourer's most distinctive features is its multi-functional cabin that changes according to the passenger's specific needs. Occupants would be able to switch between four modes: Work, Fun, Resting and Traveling & Sighting. Naturally, it features fully autonomous driving technology allowing passengers to sit back in comfort while the car transports them to their destination, but purists will still be able to enjoy a sporty driving experience.

But since this is a render, Tsiourea is leaving performance specifications to our imagination. The concept certainly looks futuristic, but Tsiourea has done a commendable job blending familiar BMW design traits to create a believable future design. The slim taillights seem to be inspired by the 8 Series Concept, while the stretched kidney grille looks like the one we saw on the i Vision Dynamics concept. Unlike some of the more radical concept car renders we've seen over the years, we can imagine the BMW Vision Grand Tourer going into production when the auto industry shifts to autonomous cars.

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