This Is What A Luxury Land Rover Sedan Could Look Like


Move over Mercedes S-Class?

For nearly 70 years, Land Rover has established itself as aleading automaker of both luxury and rugged off-roaders. In a few years, itwill diversify its line-up with the launch of the new luxury Road Rover rangeto compete with the likes of the Mercedes-S Class harking back to Land Rover's 1950's concept that shares the same name. The first model won’t be a sedan,however. Instead, it will be an all-electric wagon-style crossover with “all-terrain”capabilities that’s primarily designed for the road.

That hasn’t stopped this rendering artist from imagining how a luxury Land Rover sedan could look when the Road Rover range expands in the future. Brazilian artist Kleber Silva has used the Jaguar XE as a base and transplanted the Range Rover Velar’s front face and rear to create a Road Rover Velar sports sedan. While the modern styling of current Land Rovers is deserving of praise and we can see the Range Rover Velar potentially being slimmed down into an even smaller vehicle, the proportions of the Jaguar XE don’t blend with the Velar very well. The front fascia looks undeniably sleek though - the Velar’s rectangular grille and LED lights would look good on just about anything.

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The abundance of air vents look aggressive, but they’re unnecessary since the final model will be electrified. The Velar’s wheels have also been carried over along with the SUV’s slim taillights. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting design study showing how a Land Rover sedan could potentially look in the future. We’ll have to wait until the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show to see what Land Rover has planned for the new Road Rover range. So far we know the first model will reportedly be based on the same aluminium platform as the upcoming new Jaguar XJ and feature two electric motors as well as on-demand all-wheel drive.