This is What a Modern Lancia Could Have Been

Sadly it'll never get the chance to build something such as this.

Earlier this month we brought you the sad news that Fiat-Chrysler will pull the plug on its Lancia brand in 2018. This is the Italian automaker who gave the world icons such as the Stratos and Fulvia. Today it builds nothing more than rebadged Chryslers. It hurts to even write that. But what if Lancia was given a chance to be relevant? What if Fiat execs decided to invest some cash and at least make an effort to restore Lancia to the greatness it once had?

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin had that very idea, so he came up with some images that show what a modern Fulvia could look like. It’s still a compact sedan, but there’s some retro flavor there that we particularly dig. Sadly, we’ll never get the chance to see something like this in the flesh.

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