This is What a New Mazda2 Sedan Could Look Like


If it ever receives production approval.

Mazda is previewing its next-generation Mazda2 hatchback at Geneva with the sexy Hazumi Concept. We don't know yet whether or not the production version will be sold in the US due to the current Mazda2's slow sales there. If Mazda does go ahead with the plan, then there's the possibility a sedan version will arrive at some point. After all, Americans love sedans and some, for whatever reason(s), will always refuse to buy a hatchback. Even in China hatches are not popular.

While we've never loved the look of the 2 sedan, Theophilus Chin has just created this rendered image, based on the Hazumi, vizualizing what a second-gen model could look like. It's certainly an improvement over the current model, but we still think the Hazumi looks best as a hatch – just like the Mazda2 on sale today. Mazda hasn't given any indication regarding the possibility of a new 2 sedan, but we'd just like to know whether or not the US will even get the next 2 hatch to begin with.

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