This Is What A Record-Breaking Lap At The World's Most Dangerous Race Looks Like

This is one of the fastest cars in the world right now.

British rally driver Mark Higgins has done it once again. He's beat the record for fastest lap done in a car on the Isle of Man which he previously set in 2014. Impressively, he covered the 37.73-mile long course in 17 minutes, 35 seconds. Not only is this 14 seconds better than his previous record setting lap, but it means he hit an average speed of 128.7 mph on a course known as one of the most dangerous ever. The Subaru WRX STI used to beat this record is only lightly modified over the stock car.

Even so, with such high average speeds, you'd expect the drive by shots to look a bit quicker than this. Then again, looks can be deceptive.

Even coming out of a corner, you'd think a record-beating lap would have a slight bit more drama to it. We guess, you'd have to see this in person to truly appreciate the speed the Subaru was doing.

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