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Out of the countless car clubs you've heard of, few are like this one. The Purist Group is comprised of gearheads passionate about all sorts of cars, ranging from professional drivers, auto journalists and tuners to car collectors and industry specialists. They come together for one singular purpose that trumps their love of cars: helping people! Sean Lee started the group in 2011. Since then he has donated supplies to underfunded schools, gave out toys to children and led the Purist Group to countless other selfless acts.

These car guys prove that caring for what you drive can translate to caring for the community where you drive. Once a year, the exclusive Purist Group hold an open event where people can come to network, make donations and, of course, see cool cars.

This year, the Winter Toy drive will be held on December 5 in Santa Anita park. If you are in the southern California area and would like to attend the event check out the details on the FB event page. Mr.Lee makes it very clear that the Purist Group does not accept cash. He says he wants "100% of the donations to reach their intended destination" and for this reason only accepts items to be distributed. So if you can't make it and if you or your company want to donate any type of toys or supplies, go to their website for additional information and contact details.

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