This Is What An Adult Film Star's Modified Nissan GT-R Looks Like


Of course it has a wide body (not her, of course).

Mareike Fox is a porn star. It’s how she earns a living, which turns out to be a pretty good one. Good enough for her to be able to afford a Nissan GT-R and then have it modified by Prior Design. Car spotter Automotive Mike was on hand in Monaco and, lo and behold, there was Fox and her GT-R. In addition to its wide body kit, Prior Design also added a custom exhaust with a 200-cell free-flow catalytic converter. The wheels, quite clearly, are not stock. The brief shots of the interior lead us to believe it’s been left untouched.

After doing a quick search we discovered that Fox has owned the car for a couple years at the very least, and that its exterior has undergone some cosmetic changes along the way. Okay, so enough talk about the GT-R.

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We’re sure some of you are familiar with some of Fox’s, uh, work. Only this time, although she’s only the video for a few moments, she’s fully clothed. That’s required when being out in public, especially in a place as classy as Monaco. So, enjoy both the car and Fox.