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This Is What BMW Thinks Will Smash The Tesla Model X

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We even get a sneak peek of the interior.

Last year BMW revealed the iX3 Concept, a small electric SUV meant to compete against the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, and Mercedes EQC. The iX3 has yet to debut as a production model, but at the 2018 LA Auto Show, BMW managed to tease its next electric SUV in the form of the iNext Concept. Pre-production versions of the iNext have been spotted undergoing cold-weather testing even though many details, including the car's name, are still unknown.

Based on its size and proportions, we'd expect BMW to go with the name iX5. That is just an educated guess at the final name based on photos that our spy photographers captured of a camouflaged iNext on a delivery truck along with a similarly-sized X5. The two SUVs look very similar in size and proportion, which seems like more than a coincidence.

A lot has changed since the last time the iNext was spotted. The front has been revised and even the greenhouse looks different. Seeing the prototype directly below an X5 proves this won't simply look like an X5 without an engine - it will have its own unique styling and roofline. There are no details about range or output yet, but the smaller iX3 is expected to develop 270 horsepower and feature a driving range of 249 miles under the WLTP cycle. This heavier iX5 might come to market with a lower range, but BMW could compensate with a larger battery and more power.

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Our spy photographers were even able to capture an up-close look at the interior. The strange steering wheel BMW teased earlier is still present, but a lot of the interior is still under cover. We can tell the overall layout will differ from an X5's and will include a new, curved glass information display. BMW has remained tight-lipped regarding details about the production iNext but could start to reveal more as auto show season approaches.