This is What Bugatti's Chief Designer Drives

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Bugatti designer's weekend toy is the polar opposite of a Veyron.

When you're the head of design for an automaker like Bugatti, you can bet that people will pay attention to what you drive. And as part of the burgeoning Volkswagen Group, you'll have your pick of a wide variety of cars. (Well, almost anything - Achim Andscheidt may not be a starving artist, but we doubt he's a multimillionaire capable of buying one of his own designs, either.) So what does the designer at the most prestigious auto marque in the world drive? Drive caught up with the designer in Berlin to check out his stripped-out 1982 Porsche 911.

Andscheidt replaced the zinc-coated opening bodywork with Kevlar, ditched heavy glass for plexi and stripped out the interior to beautiful detail with a pair of houndstooth seats. The result weighs just 820 kilograms, and is undoubtedly cool, but as far as German-engineered sportscars go, it's about as far from a Veyron as you could get.

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