This Is What Cars Competing In The Olympic Games Would Look Like

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Here's something you don't see every day.

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad, better known as Rio 2016, will see more than 11,000 athletes from across the globe battling it out for 306 medals in 28 different Olympic sports. With just five days of competition left, the United States is sitting pretty atop the medal table with a whopping 75 medals. World records have been smashed, new heroes born and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with cars has taken place in the Brazilian host city. Nevertheless, in traditional CarBuzz style, we've come up with five cars one for each of the five interlocking rings.

Michael Phelps has dominated in the pool, securing six of the US' 33 swimming medals. With a total of 28 medals won over four Olympic Games, "The Baltimore Bullet" is the most decorated Olympian of all time. We think he'll appreciate this goggled Aston as a reward for his mighty achievements.

Boxing medals will be decided over the next few days, and host nation Brazil will be hoping for some home glory in tomorrow's men's light 60 kg final. Can you imagine getting hit by a gloved Camaro? Ouch!

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We are already into the semifinals of the men's and women's field hockey, with Netherlands and Germany represented by both sexes at this late stage. Remember if you want to take your car for a knock about, protect it in the appropriate gear.

China and Thailand lead the weight lifting charts with just two events left to be decided. But we all know where real muscle comes from. Just in case you don't, it's 'Murica!

Last month, it was discovered that Russia had operated a state-sponsored doping program for four years described with a "mind-blowing level of corruption," leading to the dismissal of over 100 athletes from Rio 2016. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of 'clean' athletes at the games, who have claimed 35 medals across disciplines including judo, wrestling and gymnastics. Just remember if you're going to modify your car, don't take things too far or it may end up looking like this boosted Lada.

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