This is What Hairdressers Take to Prom

Or to a hairdressers convention.

Having inherited his late uncle’s beloved pet project, the Craiglist seller of this stretched Mazda Miata is sadly unable to hold onto it. I absolutely hate to even make this listing, but my family isn't rich," reveals the seller. "This car does need a lot of work to make it look nice and I simply cannot afford to do it myself, so I am left to watch it collect dust." Surely, someone out there with advanced scissor skills can help?

Forged from two Miatas – one with damage at the front, the other damaged at the rear – the Frankenstein creation is in desperate need of a new owner (and a new interior). It may not be the four-seater convertible you’ve always dreamed of, but at least it’s not a Toyota Solara. And rest assured, that at speeds of up to 80 mph “it works just fine.” All that’s left is to negotiate payment as the seller has yet to figure this out yet. “I don't have a listed price because I honestly don't know what it is worth. I have a sentimental value for it, but that does not mean it is realistic." We hope it finds a buyer soon.

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Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible
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