This Is What Happens When A Bear Gets Stuck Inside A Subaru

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The Subaru loses.

It's amazing what a living creature that's only 5 feet tall and around 240 pounds can do. Don't assume that living creature is a human being because in this case it's not, but rather a black bear. It was this very bear that managed to find its way into a Connecticut woman's Subaru Outback and utterly destroy it, according to the local CBS new affiliate. It all began when Linda Morad heard odd noises and saw her car's lights on one evening and went outside to investigate. The male black bear managed to break into the Subaru using the driver's handle.

"I had my phone on 911 and I came partially down toward the car, and I heard noise, so I hit the send button on the 911," Morad said. Police soon arrived but they too were equally startled by the situation. They had no intention of shooting the bear. In fact they set about working on how to get the scared and panicked bear out of the car without harming it.

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The only real solution involved opening one door and running around to the other side as fast as possible. It worked. The bear ran off back into the woods and the police officers and car owner were unharmed. The Subaru wasn't as lucky. Looking at these photos, the bear clearly treated the Outback's interior like its favorite tree, only it left the dashboard and seats completely shredded. Morad's insurance company already declared the car totaled, but she doesn't seem to really mind. A bear opening your car door and hopping inside? Hey, it could happen. "I probably think we both were (equally) as scared - me inside the house wondering what was going on and the bear trying to get out," Morad said. "The poor thing."

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