This is What Happens When a Train Hits a 30-Ton Truck

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A MAZ truck takes on a VL-80 Russian-built freight locomotive.

From the roads and rails of Russia comes one of the largest and most frightening crashes we have ever seen. According to user "mariman" on Russian forum Yaplakal, a 30-ton MAZ big-rig filled with gravel breached a train crossing at the same time as a VL-80 locomotive was chugging down the tracks. The Soviet-era engine is one powerful train. Though out of production since 1994, the VL-80 locomotive is still used regularly in Russia and measures 32.48 meters (about 106 feet) long.

Named for Vladimir Lenin, the VL-80 produces between 6,544 and 8,580 horsepower and travels up to 68 mph. The train made direct impact with the truck at what looks to be just between the tractor and trailer. Upon seeing the imminent crash, the train driver and his assistant ran from the engine room and luckily escaped without any serious injury. The truck driver also managed to escape the incident without any severe bodily harm. The trailer from the MAZ truck was thrown from the tractor down the tracks, while the front-end of the locomotive was completely smashed in.

The thick steel from the tracks were torn in half like pieces of paper, while the heavy steel spikes which keep the track tied to the ground where ripped in half and tossed every which way. The crash occurred on the 1,046km route from Moscow to Brest. The cleanup crew arrived on the scene to try and clear the debris, however they quickly found that front-end loaders weren't strong enough to move the trailer. They ended up attempting to pull it off the road with another locomotive. Police on the scene faulted the truck driver for his negligence leading to the forceful collision.

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