This Is What Happens When An Exotic Babe Meets Imported Muscle

Would you give her a free ride?

A hot Lebanese model such as Rita Chlela Ghosn definitely doesn’t need any extra accessories to make herself more attractive. This exotic babe is beautiful in her own right. That’s why when you take a model like Rita and put her in a hot car such as a 1,000 hp Dodge Viper or Corvette Z06, only good things can happen. K8 Photography thought the same thing and recently made a trip to Hydra Performance Garage in Lebanon to photograph Rita with a bunch of imported American muscle cars and tuned JDM rides.

Besides the beautiful model, the cars in this photo shoot include two Corvette Z06s, a twin turbo Dodge Viper and a couple of Nissan 350Zs. Even if JDM and American high-performance sports cars aren’t your thing, we’re quite sure that you’ll be able to find something that you'll like in this awesome photo set.

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