This Is What Happens When BMW Fanboys Inbreed

Austrian dad proves there's somebody for everybody. And they better like it.

Weall know them: people who swear by BMW and are so mesmerized by theircars that they become blind to anything else the world has to offer, even if ithas been a couple of decades since the automaker truly produced nothing but theUltimate Driving Machine. But what happens when a dedicated fanboy meets animpressionable fangirl and they decide to have a family? Leave it to Austria tocome up with a truly unusual answer. Meet Anton Roth and his family,who only drive cars from the 3 Series family and its various generations and configurations.

The Roth's cars include an E30 sedan, an E30 Touring, an E30Convertible, an E36 Compact and two E46 Touring models. Just a quick glance attheir driveway and you know that something is terribly wrong, or perfectlyright, with this family. Check out their story here:

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