This Is What Happens When Bugatti Builds A Yacht

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This new boat won't come cheap.

The world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Bugatti Chiron, but for now we'll all just have to settle for the automaker's latest aquatic venture. The company announced that it has teamed up with Palmer Johnson Yachts to build a line of ultra-luxury boats inspired by the company's cars, both old and new. The first boat in the series will be called "Niniette" and will come in three lengths: 44 feet, 63 feet and 88 feet. Like anything Bugatti-branded the boats will be extremely expensive.

The cheapest model checks in at $2.175 million. We don't know the price of the Chiron yet, but it's probably a couple hundred thousand less than even the cheapest Bugatti yacht. In terms of automotive inspiration, design cues from the Type 57 C Atalante and Type 41 Royale models are said to be found on the hull. The yacht has more in common with modern Bugattis, such as its lightweight design with its hull made of carbon fiber. It won't be as fast as the Veyron or EB110, with its top speed checking in at 38 knots (around 43 mph). Each yacht is built to order and production takes around 12 months. The only question that remains is this: Will the first Bugatti yacht hit the water before the first Chiron is delivered to a customer?


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