This Is What Happens When Mom Has Her First Hagwalah

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She didn't see this coming.

The Middle East is arguably home to one of the most awesome car scenes in the world. From the Lebanese drift scene to the insane supercar police vehicles of the UAE, there is something for every car fan in this region of the world. The Middle East also incepted what is known as "Hagwalah." For those unfamiliar with the term, Hagwalah is a drift stunt that originated in Saudi Arabia that takes reckless driving to a new level.

It usually involves drifting at ridiculously high speeds on busy roads or flipping a car on two wheels and balancing it as you drive down the road. As you might expect, there are plenty of accidents when these stunts go wrong. So what happens when you take an unsuspecting mom on a trip to Dubai for a cruise through the desert that turns into a Hagwalah wheelie-fest?

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