This Is What Happens When Snow Hits A Bridge At 60 MPH

No snowmen were harmed during this video...we hope.

In case you haven't heard, the eastern United States was recently covered in a thick blanket of snow. We sympathize with those who are without power and who have to shovel out their cars, but we also love all the wacky videos such weather makes possible. Now this clip was shot in 2011 but only recently uploaded. Still, it's relevant at a time like this. It shows what happens when a truck carrying a surplus of snow on its roof meets a bridge. Well, this is no unstoppable force immovable object competition: concrete beats fresh powder.

So we are left with a rather large snow explosion. We are certainly grateful this driver happened to be filming so we could enjoy this crazy scene. Okay, it's crazy to those who don't live in a cold climate, like Californians. Sue us.

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