This Is What Happens When Someone Shoves A Superbike's Engine Into A Buggy

So. Awesome.

Suzuki’s 1300cc Hayabusa superbike, the GSX1300R, just posted a top speed of 195 mph when tested by Cycle World magazine. That makes it a really, really fast bike.Logically of course the next step is to put that monster engine on four wheelsbecause, well, why not? This guy knows that and proves that it’s a good idea.With disc brakes, a dune buggy tube frame and a sequential shifter this mantakes his ‘Busa buggy by the horns around his own makeshift track he made himself using a lawn mower.

However there are two things that don’t sit well with this setup: It’s not for sale, and it doesn’t belong to us. No matter, though. It's still fun to watch.

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