This Is What Happens When You Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road

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You miss out on awesome cars like this one.

It totally shocked the world when it debuted at Detroit last January. It even stole the new Acura NSX's thunder at the same event. Why's that? Because Ford's all-new GT supercar is nothing short of stunning. We've previously reported that only 250 examples will be made per year, so it's no surprise that it's going to be very exclusive when it hits the market in 2017. But which markets exactly, other than the US? If you live in a country where right-hand-drive is the norm, then you're going to be out of luck.


According to CarAdvice, Ford has ruled out building a right-hand-drive GT for markets such as the UK and Australia. "When you do a right-hand-drive version of a vehicle, some people think it's just a cut and paste and you just copy it over to this side of the car and that's not true," stated Ford Performance global director Dave Pericak. However, the UK and Japan do allow for the registration of left-hand-drive vehicles, but Australia doesn't. "I just don't think that with a right-hand-drive version you would be able to justify the investment required to do that," Pericak continued. And don't expect Ford to reverse this decision in the future. But hey, at least the new Mustang is going global.

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